Personal Safety Monitoring



When is it time for a

Personal Safety Monitoring System (PSM)?



Falls are not the only reason for benefiting from a PSM


  • Are you alone several hours a day


  • Have you fallen in the past year


  • Do you have a chronic aliment - heart disease, stroke, etc.


  • Are mobility and balance an issue - use of a cane, walker or other device to help with balance and walking


  • Are you a recent widow and concerned about your safety


  • Would you and your family benefit from the peace of mind a PERS could provide



What happens when the button is pushed?


  • A trained professional will respond promptly and take action based on your prior instructions.  They will:


  • Talk to you over a speaker system (it's OK if you have pushed it by accident)


  • Notify a family member of your situation


  • Have a neighbor check in on you


  • Dispatch emergency personnel



Cost to seniors through Platte County Senior Fund


  • FREE Installation


  • Three PSM Units to choose from


Service Monthly Service Fee
Standard Landline Unit


($3 for Medicaid Recipients)

Wireless Unit for those without

a landline


($3 for Medicaid Recipients)

Fall Detection Unit


($10 for Medicaid Recipients)


  • Comes with a 100% waterproof pendant or wrist band